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60. I Don’t Feel Good Enough - Time To Uncover Your Story

February 11, 2020

I don't feel good enough - time to uncover your story with this simple yet powerful exercise...

So let's explore more about your current story when it comes to your sense of self worth and deservingness and I've got an exercise for you to try if it feels good for you to do so - not because we want to beat the drum of what's happened in the past. 

I'm not one for going back over the past in great detail since I think it's far more important that we work on our present moment and create a different past for our future if needed.

... but what we want is to be aware of what is going on and all of the things that have underpinned our sense of self worth up until now. Because once we have this full awareness, once we are awake to what is really going on, we can then start to change it.

So this exercise is all about writing a letter to yourself - a letter to your past self acknowledging all the ways that you've let people or things outside of you control your sense of self worth.

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